Weclome To the Shri Rama Krishna Mandir official website! Our mandir was established on April 21, 1996 and has continued to prosper tremendously with the sincere devotion and contribution from the congregation. We strive to maintain our Hindu traditions and to teach the younger generation what their religion is all about.

The festival of lights—the most resplendent and glamorous of our festivities will be celebrated on 22nd of October 2014.

Traditionally, Diwali is a lighting festival during which Maha Lakshmie is worshipped. It is celebrated annually on the Amavasya night of the Hindu month of Kartick—the darkest night of that month.

This auspicious occasion is marked with prayers and little earthen lamps called diyas. In a modern world electronics and other sophisticated lighting arrangements are being used but the natural diyas add to a feeling of originality, one with nature and homeliness; a feeling conducive to contemplation, prayers, and deep reverence to Lakshmi Maa—godess of abundance and prosperity.

Philosophically it is a night when the Hindu feels especially blessed to thank the godess Lakshmie for filling the world with light. Light is a marvelous form of energy. Without it we would live sad and limited lives. When light is present we are happy and full of life and energy. When all is dark, we grow cold and confused; we get lost and stumble; we become fearful and anxious. We are all little diyas lighting god’s world through our words and deeds for light can be felt in many ways—vision, warmth, joy, courage, character, hope and faith.

Deepavali is a reminder for every human to continue to kindle that light within the inner recesses of our own hearts and help others in their search for light, peace and joy. Diyas do not talk, but they shine. Let us help the light of Lakshmi to pervade the core of every human heart in an attempt to reduce the darkness in many lives through our humanity, pushing back the darkness and live in the glorious light of God’s glory, benevolence and goodness. May the blessings of M aha Lakshmie be with you and your families during Deepavali and beyond. A blessed Divali to all.